Casina Valley of the Tassobio


42034 Casina


P.zza IV Novembre, 3, 42034 Casina (RE)
0522 604711, 0522 609464


Periods of Activity:

All year, except in case of snow.

The conduct:

On a mountain bike


Starting from Casina
Distance from Reggio Emilia: km 27
You get there taking the SS 63 Reggio Emilia - Vezzano sul Crostolo - Casina
Distance from Modena: km 52
You get there taking the SS 9 (Via Emilia) up to Reggio Emilia, and then getting on the SS 63
Distance from Parma: km 46
You get there taking the SS 9 (Via Emilia) up to Reggio Emilia, and then getting on the SS 63


Ring itinerary that starts from Casina going through all of the Valley of the Tassobbio

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Details of tour:

Detailed Itinerary
Length: 29 km
Time needed: 4.30 hr.
Altitude difference m750
Difficulty: Medium
Ease of cycling: short parts walking with bike
Start: Casina m570 From the center of Casina m 570 you follow the SP 11 climbing up to the Osteria del Carrobbio m 626 (15 min.), from here you continue on a country road, quickly going down, to then come out in a field to the side of the Tassobbio torrent m 500 (25 min.). Continuing on the side of the brook you reach the Mill of Cortogno m 447. Moving to the other side you follow a gravel road that leads to the old Mill of Leguigno (1.35 hr).
Continuing on the right side of the Tassobbio we get to the small town of Ariolo where we come across a gravel road 396 m (1.55 hr), which goes up and get to the town of Barazzone 588 m (2.30 hr).
Continuing on the same road you get to the town of Vercallo 622 m (2.45 m). Getting on the SP you continue on the left and not far ahead near the entrance of Cerredolo dei Coppi 605 m (2.50 hr) you have to look out for the right turn on the country road that goes down towards the Campola torrent 425 m (3.05 hr), from the torrent you go up to the town of Bergogno 425 m (3.15 hr).
The itinerary now follows an asphalt road and reaches the location of Monchio dei Ferri 685 me the oldest nucleus of Casina, and Sarzano 648 m one of the best conserved Medieval towns in the Matildic lands.
At the western base of the Sarzano Castle you get on a path that goes back to the asphalt road close to Casina and the starting point 570 m (4.30).

Last update: June 13, 2022