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42035 Castelnovo Ne Monti


  • 0522/610111 Municipio di Castelnovo ne' Monti


Castelnovo, which in the past few years has become a main service centre for the Reggio Apennines and a tourist and holiday resort, now aims at also becoming a "sports town", thanks to its excellent sporting facilities. Already now numerous teams, Italian and foreign, which practice various sporting disciplines, come here for athletic and technical preparation periods. For this reason Castelnovo has been a seat for a couple of years of prestigious sporting events (track and field in particular) which have brought to the Apennines the best names on the national sporting scene. The environmental tourist or sportsman is welcomed by a good network of sports structures, which are undergoing further improvements. Among these structures there is a qualified rehabilitation centre for heart disease located in the local hospital. The old historical centre is set in a natural basin surrounded by three mountains covered in pine trees planted in the 1920's (Mt. Castello, Mt. Forco, and Mt. Bagnolo). The latter is visited by the elderly and joggers and is equipped with benches and a bowls court. The architectural characteristics of Castelnovo are homogenous and recurrent. A particularly praiseworthy chain of buildings spreads around Piazza I Maggio, antique square for arms. The buildings of historical interest have been influenced by great changes which have taken place in the last decades, even though today you can still see significant aspects of the ancient buildings following the old road which enters the hamlet winding round the side of the 17th century oratory dedicated to S. Maria Maddalena. A narrow passage leads in fact to a small square which faces a few of the oldest buildings in Castelnovo (about 16th century). Other areas of the town which deserve a visit are Bagnolo, where the Ducal palace built by Francesco IV d'Este stands, it was built during the first decades of the 10th century, and the antique parish dedicated to Saint Maria Assunta, of which only a few original headstone fragments remain, amongst which an adorned capital with lions which dates to the first decades of the 13th century. Of particular interest is a visit to the historical centre on the day of the weekly market which is traditionally on Mondays. Founded in the 13th century, it occupies the principle squares (Peretti and Martiri della Libertà) Via Roma and Via Vittorio Veneto, crowded also with people from nearby towns. Do not miss the noteworthy and ages old feast of San Michele at the end of September

How to get there:

Additional Information
Distance from Reggio Emilia: km 44
You get there taking the SS 63.
Distance from Modena: km 65
From Modena you reach Sassuolo and then continue on the SS 486 from the pass of the Radici up to Cerredolo, where you take the SS 19 up to Gatta; here you continue on the SP 9 that leads to Felina, and from there you take the SS 63 up to Castelnovo ne' Monti.
Distance from Parma: km 55
You get there taking the SS 513 Parma - Traversetolo - S. Polo d'Enza - Vetto - Castelnovo ne' Monti.
Distance from La Spezia: km 92
You get there going in the direction of Aulla and from here taking the SS 63 (in the direction of Cerreto Pass)
Motorway exit of Reggio Emilia (A1): km 46 Motorway exit of Modena (A1 - A22): km 67
Motorway exit of Parma (A1 - A15): km 58
Railroad station of Reggio Emilia:Km. 45
Bologna Airport: Km. 103
Parma Airport: Km. 57 It is serviced by the ACT bus line from Reggio Emilia
It is served by the TEP bus line from Parma
It is served by I Viaggi dei Pesci Rossi s.r.l; Genoa (Genoa - Castelnovo ne' Monti) Bus station is in Via Monzani or Via Matilde di Canossa (from 13.05 to 13.17 when schools are open).
Taxi station in Piazza Peretti.
Hospital with Emergency Room: ph. n. 118
Altitude: 702 m

Tourist Area:

Apennines of Reggio Emilia

Geographic Area:




Piazza Gramsci, 1, 42035 Castelnovo ne' Monti (RE)
0522 610111, 0522 810947

Last update: December 12, 2023