Castle of Baiso


42031 Baiso


Piazza della Repubblica, 1, 42031 Baiso (RE)
0522 993511, 0522 843980


Periods of Activity:

Not possible in case of snow or ice.

The conduct:

On a mountain bike


Access modality:
The itinerary takes place on the back of the water divide that circumscribes the valley of the Tresinaro torrent.
Start in Baiso and follow the SP 7 up to the bar Castello.


Castello of Baiso

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Details of tour:

Itinerary in detail
Length: 29 km
Time needed: 4.30 hr.
Altitude difference m750
Difficulty: Medium
Ease of cycling: short parts walking with bike
Start: Casina m570 The route, about 20 km, starts in Baiso and follows the SP 7 up to the bar castello; once here you take a small asphalt road that rises up to the gate of the castle, ancient stronghold of the Da Baiso. You continue on the right on a gravel road to reach the woods, where the road becomes a path. This way you come to a large road that goes down in to the town of Cassinago, where there is an ancient dovecot tower (XVII century). You continue reaching the provincial road: here you have to turn left and stay on this road for 800 m. Once you get to the sign "Corpo Foresstale dello Stato" you follow a wide gravel road on the right that goes in to the woods and reaches the peak of Mt Lusino (558 m). Jour itinerary takes us down towards the south near Case Gozzoli di Sopra, continuing then for Vetrina. Further down we find ourselves near the Torrent Tresinaro, and the SP 98. Following it on the left we find a large gravel road characterized by a clay deposit, And thus you reach the sanctuary of S. Siro. You continue between ups and downs until you reach Cà dei Pazzi, where turning left on an asphalt road you get to Pulpiano. Between broad cultivated fields, you get to the town of Casone Tresinaro, you take a long and relaxing descent that leads to the intersection with the SP 98. You turn left and after 300 m you follow the road directions: from here its climbing and on an asphalt road, you go back to the center of Baiso.
(Lodi Desco Sghedoni, 1992)

Last update: April 11, 2022