Castle of Leguigno


Leguigno - 42034 Casina


P.zza IV Novembre, 3, 42034 Casina (RE)
0522 604711, 0522 609464

How to get there:

Distance from Casina: about 6 km
From Casina you take the town road in the direction of the Magliara - Leguigno

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Additional notes:

Notizie Aggiuntive:
Il castello privato è visitabile solo esternamente.

Analytical text:

Of the Leguigno castle there's a modest sized central body left which is framed by two towers which can be outlined from afar. Only the outside can be seen including the walls and part of the inside garden.
Two walls arranged in a square and equipped with angular towers surround the building and enclose a wide central court enhanced by conifers. If we accept the identification of the toponym "laguia" with Leguigno, the castle was nominated for the first time in the "memoriale potestatum" of 1198 in which its subjection to the municipality of Reggio is certified.
In the "Liber Focorum" of 1315 the Fogliani result as founders and lords of the castle, and through alternating events maintained it for many years.
In 1468 the castle was ceded by the Fogliani to Count Giangiacomo Bebbi.
In 1512 the castle was destroyed by an implacable enemy of the Bebbi, Domenico Amorotto. The Bebbi rebuilt the fort and kept it until 1635 when Antonio Scapinelli was invested with the feud.
Cardinal Raffaele, last descendent of the Scapinelli, is to be credited for having promoted massive interventions to reconstruct the central part of the fort, to erect a new tower to be used as a museum and to have founded a chapel.

Last update: April 11, 2022