Civago - Lama Lite


42030 Villa Minozzo


Piazza della Pace, 1, 42030 Villa Minozzo (RE)
0522 801122, 0522 801359


Periods of Activity:

All year round

The conduct:

On foot, mountain bike and horse




Civago, Lama Lite


Location Civago
It's about 21 km from the administrative capital
from the administrative capital you take the SP 9 for Civago, once in the location Asta, you continue on the SP 9 up to the town of Civago.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Parco Nazioanale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano.

Details of tour:

Itinerary in detail:
From the town of Civago you climb for about 1.5 km on a paved road for Case Cattalini (1159 m). From here you continue on a forest road which after 10 km reaches the bridge over the Rio Lama; In the highest point over Mt Penna, the road reaches an altitude of 1650 m to then go down to 1520 m of the bridge over the Rio Lama.
At the bridge there's a bar that prevents cars from continuing.
Once over the torrent you come in to an old forest of spruces called "Royal Spruces" (Abete Reale) where, continuing in your descent you get to the "Segheria" refuge after 1.5 km.
Going up for 4 km you reach the panoramic Lama Lite Pass, a water divide between the valley of the Dolo torrent and the valley of the Ozola torrent, at the foot of Mt Prado. From here in 10 min. Going around a small hill you arrive at the CAI refuge "C. Battisti"
Reggio Emilia; the itinerary could continue up to Ligonchio descending through the Ozola valley per 15 km.
Estimated time: 2 hours

Last update: April 11, 2022