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Historical Origins:

The Croccante has ancient origins: it was the most popular dessert of our homes, prepared good with the almonds and filberts season when long hedges of hazel accompanied our driveways, and each house had its almond trees, in the evening from the hands of grandmothers, mothers and "rasdore", came out of many small tiles, polished diamonds irregular crispy and hot with honey and caramel. The rite of crunchy, its history and its preparation, its origins and its meaning referring to a world of women: a world of a few generations ago, when the crisp was born from the hands of friends of the bride and the work day and days to be processed and an architecture that would have adorned the superb wedding table (at a time when the great white cake with decks was a luxury for the few) and then the folk tradition added on top of the "castle" figurines of celluloid of the couple hid in the face of twins.... symbol of hope and happy life and impending motherhood.


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Last update: December 12, 2023