Cusna and its legend


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Cusna and "The dead man"


An antique legend narrates that: when giants still lived, one of these had the habit in Spring of leaving the plains of Tuscany and climbing, followed by a frolicking flock, the wide grassy plateau that was on the border with Emilia. There, every year, he found many men, shepherds like him, quite happy to have for company a being so strong and good. He helped with pleasure these small friends. One year, when it was time to go up to pasture, the giant felt a strange tiredness in his chest, his heavy legs which with great fatigue moved, and he understood that he had reached the end of his long and peaceful life. He climbed up to the plateau, and there he lied down with broken breath and his eyes cold. His small friends were quickly around him. The giant said that as a last gift he would leave his great body as a defense of the Val D'Asta, so that even his dear sheep would be able to graze better, sheltered from the frequent storms. Everyone was moved by that infinite generosity, and the giant passed away cryin
g tears of regret, than ran down his cheeks and then to the ground, and then formed the waters of the Secchiello torrent, which in fact springs from his eye. The dead man is always up there to break the fury of the winds. (Legends M. Davolio, F. Pezzarossa ‘92)"


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