In the Matildic Lands


42026 Canossa


Periods of Activity:

All year long, except in case of snow

The conduct:

On mountain bike.


Start at Canossa.
The location is easily reached starting from the SS 63, that you leave once in the communal administrative capital Ciano d'Enza.
You take the SP 54 and, after a few kilometers, you get on the SP 73. It's 8 km from the administrative capital, from Reggio Emilia 34 km and 36 km from Parma.


Ring itinerary:
Canossa, Braglia, Rossena, Canossa.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Details of tour:

Itinerary in detail
Length: 18 km
Walking time: 2.50 hours
Difference in altitude: 680 m
Difficulty: M (medium)
Cycling: brief stretches walking your bikes
Departure: Canossa 530 m The itinerary starts at the Canossa castle and touches the most ancient hamlets of the Apennines, and represent great historical and architectural interest, dating back to the Middle Ages.
From Canossa you climb up to the village of Cavandola at 601 m, which you reach in 15 minutes, to then go on towards Mt. Tesa all the way to the intersection with SP 54 which leads to the village of Braglie at 382 m (50 minutes).
From here a brief paved stretch leads to the fortified hamlet of Rossena 441 m, where the same-name castle rises. (1 hour). From the Rossena hamlet you take a carriage-way on the left which descends all the way till it crosses the Vico brook 236m (1.30 hours) and then continues and reaches the tower houses of the Vico village; from here you continue touching a few hamlets such as Grassano Basso 419 m (2.30 hours), Riverzana 406 m (2.35 hours). After reaching Riverzana a last steep climb remains that is on a gravely road and takes you back to the departure site (2.50 hours).


Piazza Matteotti, 28 - loc. Ciano d'Enza, 42026 Canossa (RE)
0522 248411, 0522 248450

Last update: March 7, 2023