Maggio Museum of Villa Minozzo


Piazza della Pace, 1 - Rocca del Comune di Villa Minozzo - 42030 Villa Minozzo



The Museum in May of Villa Minozzo is born with the aim of creating a permanent documentation center on a tradition of popular theater typical of the Tuscan Emiliano.
Set up on the premises of the old municipal building of Villa Minozzo, it offers visitors a place of conservation of scripts, costumes, stage equipment, but also as an active center and useful to the companies in May and scholars interested in the local traditions.
Inside are images of significant moments of representations from the postwar period to the present day, visual documents of various kinds, with the opportunity to watch films and listen to the original audio parts.
The documentary material is enriched, moreover, by thesis, literary enthusiasts and scholars, as well as a small library which opens the perspective of the visitor towards other forms of popular tradition related to May from a close relationship intellectual. This closeness is well described in the "Room of traditions sisters" where you can observe similar forms of theatricality came down to us from Iran, Africa and the Iberian Peninsula.
What it characterizes May dramatic are its ancient origins, the close connection with the natural places of which is the expression and its transmission from generation to generation of a typical rural culture that is gradually disappearing. Hence the urgent need to preserve and spread this important cultural heritage.

How to get there:

Villa Minozzo administrative capital Piazza della Pace, 1 – Rocca del Comune di Villa Minozzo

Opening times:

The Museum of May will remain open to the public on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 to 12 during July and August .


Entrance to the Museum is free


Piazza della Pace, 1, 42030 Villa Minozzo (RE)
0522 801122, 0522 801359

Last update: December 12, 2023