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The town is a traditional and equiped summer resort. In Sprong and Summer it becomes a lively place of holiday in green. The residential area is immersed in a centuries-old chestnut trees for the particular nature of the ground. The locality is famous in the Provence of Regguio Emilia for the production of chestnut and maroni, celebreted in the festival that happens every October. the centuries-old chestnut tees are becoming slowly the original forest, characterized by the arboreal species more competitive and specialized. There are also the black hornbeam, the ash, the turkey oak, the mountain maple, the corniolo and the sylvan pine.
Historic signs. The historic events of Marola are stricty tied with the events of the medieval abbey of Marola. The benedectine monastery, with the church, was already present in 1127 and was probably erected between 1093 and 1106. The origin of the convent is surely to attribute at the will of Matilda of Canossa. the ancient monastery, already abandoned, was assigned between XVI and XVII century at the noble abode of the feudatory, and so, in the XIX century it hosted the episcopal seminary. Now it is destination of frequent spiritual retirements. Inside there are sculptural elements of high artistic quality.

How to get there:

Distanza da Reggio Emilia km 33.
La località è facilmente raggiungibile dalla SS 63, imboccando la SP 31 all'uscita della galleria "Seminario" per chi proviene da Reggio Emilia, seguendo l'indicazione. Dista da Carpineti km 7, si raggiunge percorrendo le SP 36 - 98 - 31.

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Geographic Area:

Matildica zone

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Additional information
The location is easily reached on the SS 63, taking the SP 31 at the exit of the "Seminario" gallery for those who are coming from Reggio Emilia, follow the given directions.
It is 7 km from Carpineti, to reach Marola take the municipal road and SP 31. Altitude: 807 m


Piazza Matilde di Canossa, 1, 42033 Carpineti (RE)
0522 615019 0522 615020 , 0522 718014

Last update: December 12, 2023