Mount Cusna


42030 Villa Minozzo

How to get there:

From the administrative capital you take the SP 9 for Civago.
From the town of Civago you can reach Mt Cusna taking the paths:
n 615 from Rescadore to Passone and the Battisti refugen 617 from Peschiara Zamboni to the peak of Mt Cusna
n 623 from Cisa Pass to Passone and the Battisti refuge
n 625 from Casalino to the peak of Mt Cusna

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area
Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Geographic Area:

Geographic Area

Analytical text:

The Alpe di Cusna (2121 m) is the tallest peak of the Reggiano Apennines and among the tallest of the Central-Northern apennines. It is described in many books as the "sleeping man" due to its long shape, from which the peak decidedly breaks off, making the ridge look like the profile of a human. Its slopes are very steep and difficult to cover in winter. On top of the peak you can admire, if the sky is clear, besides the steep ridges of the Apuane Alps, the Tyrrheanian sea and Corsica. Mount Cusna because of the variety and beauty of its itineraries is a destination especially for expert alpine skiers and excursionists from Italy and abroad. The sides under the peak are full of blueberry moors, glacial basins with numerous indigenous botanical species and marmot dens. Whoever hikes up on Mt Cusna could be lucky and encounter wild ungulates such as the European deer, roebucks and wild boars, you could also encounter marmots and perhaps even the Apennine wolf.


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Last update: December 12, 2023