Oratorio dei Predevelli di Frale


Frale - 42010 Toano

How to get there:

Location Frale
It's about 4 km from the administrative capital
from the administrative capital you take the SP 8 in the direction of Villa Minozzo, after about 2.5 km you turn left onto a town road for Frale.

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Matildic zone

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Notizie aggiuntive
E' visitabile solo esternamente

Analytical text:

In 1608, from the visit of Bishop Rangone, there's news that in the location of Prevedelli construction of an oratory had begun.
In 1636 the "Santuario" was already known.
In the sanctuary theme was a cell for hermits.
The building was restored in 1874, in 1940 and 1950 after changes caused by W.W.II.
It has a sloping façade facing south.
The portal is architraved and squared and made of sandstone.
On the upper part there's a three windowed cell with archivolted central window bearing the inscription "REV. DOM. CHR. VOC. REC. ECLESIE MONZONI CUR AUTHEC FIERI ANNO DOMINI 1605 DIE.. CUSIS MAII M.D.R.".
the stone structure has alternating angular recurrences.
On two ashlars you can see the symbols of the rose or solar wheel.
The inside has a single hall layout with ribbed barrel vault and groins imposed on a light trabeation of Tuscan order.
The apse has a broken frontispiece ancon.


Corso Trieste, 65, 42010 Toano (RE)
0522 805110, 0522 805542

Last update: December 12, 2023