Oratorio di San Siro di Tresinara di San Giovanni di Querciola


San Giovanni di Querciola - 42030 Viano

How to get there:

San Giovanni di Querciola is easily reached from Viano, it's 10 km away, taking the SP 89 up to Regnano, where you take the SP 63 in the direction of Casina: the town is found on this road.

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Matildic zone

Analytical text:

An estimate of 1315 mentions for the first time the church of San Siro.
In the XV century S. Siro was united to the church of S. Michele di Pulpiano, buried at the end of the following century.
In 1584 a pastoral visit registered the building as being in terrible condition and completely abandoned.
In 1636 Bishop Coccopani during his pastoral visit found the church semi-destroyed and ordered it to be partially demolished and made into an oratory.
ON December 7th 1672 reconstruction was completed and the oratory, also called "Madonna delle rondine", was reopened for worship.
During the course of the XVIII century it appeared in good condition.
In 1856 and in 1862 the oratory underwent works of restoration which led to its being lengthened.
The 1920 earthquake caused severe damage which was subsequently fixed;
The complex rises isolated on the peak of a clay terrace to the left of the Tresinaro torrent.
It has a sloping façade ending with the impost of the frontispiece with composite characteristics without any particular praiseworthy features.
The architraved portal is flanked by two two slit windows.


Via San Polo, 1, 42030 Viano (RE)
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Last update: December 12, 2023