Pietra di Bismantova - history and scenery


42035 Castelnovo Ne Monti

How to get there:

From the center of Castelnovo ne' Monti you take the SP 108 and, not far after the cemetery, you continue along the SP 26 that leads to Piazzale Dante, below the Pietra and 5 km from the administrative capital.

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area
Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Geographic Area:

Geographic Area

Additional notes:

Notizie aggiuntive
La rupe è una importante "palestra di roccia" e vi sono state aperte parecchie vie e varianti alpinistiche di varia lunghezza e difficoltà.

Analytical text:

Montasi su in Bismantova in Cacume / con esso in piè; ma qui convien ch'om voli/" (having climbed Bismantova in cacume/ with it the feet; but here a man should fly/) thus cited Dante Alighieri in verses 26 and 27 of the IV canto of the Purgatory. The unmistakable and isolated ship-shaped profile of this extraordinary calcarenite massif distinguishes the Reggiano Apennines.
With a length of 1 km, width of 240 m, 300 m height on the plateau which forms its base, it is a gigantic example of residual erosion. The Pietra di Bismantova is characterized by very different vegetal environments which include great varieties of habitats. There are thermophile oaks, such as Common Oak, a few Cern's Oaks and flowering Ashes, shrubs such as Juniper, Hawthorn, the Bush rose, Broom, Perastro, wild Prune. There are also Hazel nut, country maple, Black Hornbeam, a few lime trees, the characteristic Laburnum, more commonly called "may-pendant" because of its charming yellow flowers in late spring. You can also find in the detrital areas covered by rocky shrubs and herbs suitable to dry habitats: italic helychrisum, rockrose, wild carnation, Saponaria ocymoide. Among these xerophile species, lovers that is of dry and arid climates of noteworthy phitogeographical importance are the Serpillo Thyme, the Bromo Eretto, the Cornilla Minima, the Globularia Vulgaris and many others.
The summit plateau, once it was used for pasture, was strongly conditioned. Currently the woods, such as hazelnut, maple, oak, are beginning to grow again and are rapidly extending over prairie and grass surfaces. The fauna is characterized by a few species of predatory birds that nest in the rocks, among these the Kestrel. There is a massive presence of the Jackdaw. Deer, hares, wild boar, squirrels, pheasants, common porcupines and other animals populate the area around the Pietra.
From the summit of the Pietra you can admire a 360° panorama that that goes from the peaks of the ridge tot he Emilian plains.


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Last update: December 12, 2023