Trip around the towns of Vetto d'Enza


42020 Vetto


Piazza Caduti di Legoreccio, 1, 42020 Vetto d'Enza (RE)
0522 815222 , 0522 815694


Periods of Activity:

All year round

The conduct:

Mountain bike.


Around the ancient towns of Vetto


Vetto administrative capital
Distance from Reggio Emilia: km 39
You get to Vetto taking the SP 28 up to Cavriago to then continue on the SP 22 up to S. Polo d'Enza from here take the SS 513 for Vetto
Distance from Modena: km 68
Follow the SS 9 (Via Emilia) up to Reggio Emilia and then you take the SP 28 up to Cavriago to then continue on the SP 22 up to S. Polo d'Enza from there take the 513 for Vetto Distance from Parma: km 45
Vetto can be reached taking the SS 513.

Tourist Area:

Matildic zone

Geographic Area:


Details of tour:

Itinerary in detail
Circular course with start and finish in Vetto.
Length 33 km.
Time required 3 hr.
Difference in Altitude 690 m, Route medium difficulty;
The itinerary runs through the woody valleys of the Rio Tassaro and the Riolco torrent, in a series of dorsal panoramic views and shaded parts of the road in the woods. It offers the opportunity of approaching some towns of noteworthy interest: Spingone, Pineto, Legorecchio, Crovara, Scalucchia; antique rural hamlets with a medieval layouts, harmoniously inserted in one of the most characteristic environments of the high Reggiano Apennines. All the interested territory presents elements of high naturalistic value, in particular the suggestive falls of the Rio Tassaro, pressed in a crevice between close sandstone walls, above the town of Scalucchia.
(C. Soli - 1993)

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