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Recipes of the whole Appennino Reggiano


Typical gastronomy, local recipes

Typical production area:

High Reggiano apennines

Historical Origins:

The typical cuisine of the Reggiano Apennines is based on a primarily rural tradition and simple and natural local products (potatoes, chestnuts, milk etc.).


Dishes and ingredients CHESTNUT TORTELLINI (Christmas pastry)
Prepared with a well mixed stuffing made of: boiled and mashed chestnuts, jam, cocoa, powdered coffee, nuts, peanuts, pea nuts, candied fruit, raisins, dried figs, rum and "sassolino". Let the mixture stand for a couple of days. Make a soft short pastry dough, close the tortellini in a crescent moon shape and cook either fried or baked. MONTEBIANCO (Christmas pastry)
Mashed, cooked chestnut, unsweetened cocoa, icing sugar and rum, decorated with a soft layer of whipped cream. MANFECH (polenta, enriched and fried)
Make a broth with a bouillon cube, a small pork bone, salt, pepper, diced potatoes. When it's ready add yellow flour (the mixture should remain very soft); let cool, cut in small slices and fry in a bit of hot oil. TORTA DI PATATE (Potato pie) for six people
Peel 3 kg of potatoes, boil them in salted water and mash them with a potato masher. In another pan, brown some oil, 200 gr. lard, minced garlic and rosemary, then add this to the mashed potatoes with salt, a pinch of pepper, a dash of butter and 300 gr. of grated peccorino cheese. POLENTA "STIADA"
Cool cornmeal polenta (yellow flour) keeping it a little moist, when it's ready spread the mixture on a wooden cutting board, flavor with meat or mushroom sauce and parmesan cheese. Eat everything together at the table. RISO CON LATTE
Cut a potato in small chunks, cook it in a pot with *milk* and water, add a bit of butter, salt and when it starts to boil add rice (a fistful per person); when ready add Parmesan cheese. "SOLADA"
Mix flour with water and a bit of milk, add salt and pepper. Mixture should be very liquid, pour a ladle of the mixture into a pan and cook on each side until ready; cover the "solada" with a layer (about 2 cm thick) of mashed potatoes flavored as above. Edited by the staff of and by the Province of Reggio Emilia

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