Bacon of Canossa


42026 Canossa


Aenogastronomy, Typical products

Typical production area:

Mountain Community


Salumificio Pavesi - Location Brugna - Casina


Dishes and ingredients
it is a product of cylindrical shape with weight varying from 4 to 4.5 kg, it appears sliced in a stratified, lean and fat form, with color varying from bright red in the lean part to the light pink in the fat part. Production is yearly with particular intensity in Winter-Spring.
The cuts of fresh belly are manually done, removing the excess fat and the less solid parts. Only the core of the meaty part is used and is made into a rectangular shape with dimensions of 25/30 x40/50 cm.
Salting then follows, it is done with large marine salt and when cured, made with: split peppers, cloves, nutmeg and dry white wine. The product is put in a salting cell with a temperature which varies from +2 to + 6 °C for a period which goes from 5 to 15 days. After the salting period the product is scraped, cleaned and rolled, sewing the extremities of the colema by hand and thereby taking on its cylindrical form. The product is usually consumed as an hor d'oevres and second course dish. It also can serve as a base for seasonings, a typical Emilian 1st course dish.


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