Cervarezza Terme astronomic observatory


Costa Volpara - 42032 Cervarezza


Opening times:

As every year, begin the summer events at the observatory.

It will take place an evening pubblicha (without reservation, to offer free entrance)

TUESDAY, Aug. 11

As every year there will be some tools in the square to make it possible for all the vision of the major planets and the Moon.
On the evening of 11 August there will be the chance to see the famous shooting stars of San Lorenzo!
Our experts will be happy to answer questions about the sky and explain the constellations summer with green lasers.
In the dining room will be screened movies of astronomical and dome, the largest telescope of 60cm, will show you the most interesting objects of the period.
Early evening around 21.15 until late at night!

They are also planning a series of theme nights with compulsory reservation, admission € 3.5 (maximum number of participants for the evening 30) in which, given the limited number of participants, you have the ability to address more specific topics more targeted observations, after a brief introduction to the projector sitting comfortably in the room:

MONDAY, Aug. 17
MONDAY, Aug. 24

Beginning at 21.00, up to about 24. Info and reservations 3311055401.

The observatory is open all year anyway.
It 'can be booked by arrangement. Reservations must be made at least a week before.
We accept groups of at least 20 people at a price of EUR 3.50 each.
Groups are welcome even if fewer available to pay a fee of at least 70 Euros.
The fee payment must be made on the spot or on the c / c n.11000 payable to Gadar with reason: tour observatory.
This IBAN IT18L0518866310000000011000.

Geographic Area:

L'area individuata è situata in località Fonti di Santa Lucia - Cervarezza Terme lungo la dorsale della Costa Volpara, sul terreno di proprietà comunale, bene di uso civico, contraddistinto mappale 163 del foglio 2. E' particolarmente vocata alla realizzazione di una postazione per l'osservazione astronomica, in quanto si presenta completamente libera da qualsiasi manufatto, priva di linee elettriche aree o sotterranee, con scarsa vegetazione e assenza di piantagioni varie, posta a quota oltre 1000m. s.l.m., pressoché pianeggiante e dominante la vallata del Secchia e la vallata del Ramisetano. Essa è facilmente raggiungibile sia dalla sottostante statale 63 che dalla via delle fonti di Santa Lucia, con la possibilità di parcheggio, l'area è inoltre direttamente collegata ad una già esistente rete sentieristica.
La realizzazione dell'osservatorio, in un contesto paesaggistico di grande bellezza e suggestività quale quello dell' alta valle del Secchia, ad una altitudine di oltre 1000 m. sul livello del mare, è motivata sia da una vocazione turistica della zona da anni consolidata e in espansione, sia dalle caratteristiche atmosferiche particolarmente favorevoli: 1. La trasparenza ideale dell'aria in quanto priva di fattori inquinanti e con un contenuto di vapore acqueo piuttosto basso. 2. L'assenza di sorgenti luminose altamente compromettenti l'osservazione notturna. 3. Un adeguato numero di notti scure nel corso di tutto l' anno.

Analytical text:

The area identified is located in the village of Fonti di Santa Lucia - Cervarezza Terme along the ridge of the Coast Volpara, is particularly suited to the implementation of a location for astronomical observation, as has been completely free from any product, devoid of electric lines or groundwater areas with low vegetation and absence of various plantations, at an altitude of more than 1000m. above sea level, almost flat and dominating the valley and the valley of the Secchia It is easily reachable from the highway below the 63 sources from the street of Santa Lucia, with the possibility of parking, the area is also directly connected to an existing path network.
The construction of the observatory, in a landscape of great beauty and suggestiveness as that of 'high Secchia valley, at an altitude of over 1000 m. sea??level, is motivated both by a tourist in the area for years established and growing, is particularly favorable climatic characteristics:
1. The ideal transparency of the air as it is without polluting factors and with a content of water vapor rather low.
2. The absence of light sources highly compromising the night observation.
3. An adequate number of dark nights throughout the 'year. The tools:
The main instrument, and 'a Newton 610mm f / 3.6, with a 150mm f/10 refractor guide in parallel. The telescope and 'fixed location in the large copper dome of about 5.5 m in diameter, and' piloted remotely from the control room below, via PC interface and software planetarium.
For the public, besides the great Newton, are available as support tools, a Meade 8 "LX200 and a small Coronado solar telescope for observing the Sun and its projections.
We also have a great dotatazione of accessories such as eyepieces, filters, CCD camera, binoculars and anything else


Piazza Primo Maggio, 3, Loc. Cervarezza, 42032 Ventasso (RE)
0522/891911, 0522 891520

Last update: December 12, 2023