Dante Alighieri


42035 Castelnovo Ne Monti


Dante's journey in the lands of Reggio and Lunigiana.
The sources (Benvenuto da Imola) and studies (Leone Tondelli) report that in the months of September and October 1306 Dante was a guest of Guido da Reggio Castalde, of the noble Roberti, documents, on the other hand, show the presence Dante in Sarzana in Lunigiana and Magra Castelnuovo October 6, 1306.
The itinerary of the trip is only likely but highly probable: it is reasonable to think that before leaving Reggio Dante has seen the Liber figurarum of Joachim of Fiore, precious code that is still preserved in our city and that had much influence on the vision of Paradise; that crossing the ridge (perhaps to the Passo del Cerreto) has risen to Bismantova, then remembered the Comedy (montasi of Bismantova and mountain-top) but also in the very structure of the mountain of Purgatory on top of that, we recognize the figure of Matilda of Canossa, who was lady of this place, that land of Tuscany has been hosted and rest in the castle of Malaspina, patrons and friends of whom he sings the most liberal places in the poem.


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