Ducati Path - 3rd stage from mount Staffola to Vetto


42020 Vetto


A path through dukedoms
From the river Enza to Lunigian

Periods of Activity:

All year round.

The conduct:

A piedi


Province of Regio Emilia and CAI.


The "Sentiero dei Ducati (Path through Dukedoms) was originally the border between the dukedoms that separated neighbouring villages and valleys until 1848 and were continually crossed by travellers, pilgrims and smugglers.It runs almost parallel to the river Enza and starts out at Quattro Castella, before passing close to some of the more important locations, historically speaking, such as Canossa Castle and the Church at Pianzo; it reaches the top of Mount Barazzone and Mount Staffola, skirts past the splendid Tassaro river valley and visits the hamlets of Legoreccio, Pineto and Spigone.  After Vetto, the path enters into Ramiseto territory and presses on as far as the Lagastrello Pass, within the confines of the new Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park.

Tourist Area:

Matildic Area

Geographic Area:


Details of tour:

Detailed Itinerary:
Approximate time: 4.10 hours
Path climbs: 560 metres
Path descends: 555 metres
Distance covered: 12 km Display of traditional farming equipment at Montale di Sotto. Restaurant at Trinità. Farm offering accommodation at Crògnolo. Follow the cart track left and then the tarmac road at the foot of the hill with the church until it turns right onto the track winding its way up and down before finally fording a stream. A steep climb takes you to the centre of the hamlet called Montale di Sotto 530 m (0.40; 2.00), walk across the village and take the Trinità-Leguigno road. Follow the road to the right for a short distance before taking the almost flat cart track on the right to a crossroads 561 m above sea level (fork with the route to Rossena, path 640): turn left and walk the short distance to the centre of Trinità 589 m (0.30; 2.30) on the main road, climbing up on the left to the Holy Trinity oratory, at the top of the village. At the fork in the road at the Holy Trinity oratory, continue climbing SW along the ridge of the hill towards Mount Cavaliere on a wide cart track. Circumvent the S side of the summit (700 m) and continue W along the crest with the Tassobbio valley on your left and the Enza valley on your right (there is a fantastic view over all of the Apennine Mountains of Reggio Emilia, and as far as the Alps on a clear day). The path follows the Vedriano – Roncaglio road before leaving it to climb up the recently resurfaced road to Mount Stàffola 693 m (1.00: 3.30), arriving at the top, and running alongside the long, ongoing landslide which is slowing eating up the road. The path leaves the summit to the SW, along a recently resurfaced road with some wonderful views and climbs down to Roncovetro 555 m. Go W at the main fork in the village on the track descending into the woods as far as the hamlet of Crògnolo 454 m (farm offering   accommodation"La Quercia", 0.40; 4.10).


Piazza Caduti di Legoreccio, 1, 42020 Vetto d'Enza (RE)
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