Horse riding path of Gigante


42039 Ligonchio



Route that crosses the high mountains of Reggio Emilia

Periods of Activity:

The "Ciclopista-Ippovia del Gigante" is placed in high altitude therefore its practicability is normally limited in the period from May to september.

The conduct:

You can go along the cycle track also on foot or on horseback.


The "Ciclopista-Ippovia del Gigante" is consituted by three big itineraries:
1) Main itinerary
that is the connection East-West of the whole front of the Park close to the Tuscan bound. A long pasage from the Valle del Dolo to the Valle dell'Enza linking the villages of Civago and Succiso.
2) Ventasso ring
It is a way which branches off from the Passo della Scalucchia toward north in order to reach the slopes of the Mount Ventasso and to get the built-up areas of Collagna, Busana, Cervarezza and the seat of the Park itself.
3) Cusna ring
It is a way which branches out from the main way to Ligonchio in order to reach the northern slopes of the Cusna down to the Passo della Cisa. The ring closes at the height of Mount Beccara.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:


Details of tour:

- Passage upper-level Giovarello-Lagastrello
P.Giovarello-Rif.Segheria-Lama Lite-Lago Capriolo-P.Pradarena-Guado Riarbero-P.Cerreto-P.Scalucchia-Varvilla-Ponte Liocca-Sella Fugacciaro-Lagastrello
Lenght of the way: about 66 Km - Civago-Succiso itinerary
Civago-Quota max Ravino-Sbarra Lama-Lama Lite-Bivio prov. Ligonchio-P.Pradarena-Guado Riarbero-P.Cerreto-P.Scalucchia-Succiso
Lenght of the way: about 67 Km


Piazza Primo Maggio, 3, Loc. Cervarezza, 42032 Ventasso (RE)
0522/891911, 0522 891520

Last update: December 12, 2023