How to get rid of "porri"


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Rites and Popular Legends: Object:
How to get rid of "porri"


Tokens of the Past
My aunt, who lives in Velucciana, told me that to get rid of "porri" (warts) our old people took a green frog, that in dialect they called "campar", and they squashed it. They made the "porri" bleed with a needle or a razor. With the liquid that came from the frog they washed the "porri", then took two smooth stones and put the frog in between them. When the frog was dry the "porri" disappeared.
There was a second way: they took four rotten broad beans and four good broad beans, then they made a little cross on the "porri" with the eight broad beans and threw them into a well of putrid water. When the broad bean was rotten the "porri" were gone. (Mario Zanni, 1993)

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