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The Research Center "The Ceccati" can be considered the starting point for artistic and cultural journey through the territory of the Reggio Apennines, where between 1600 and 1800 there was a major artistic presence in the notch of wood and sculpture the stone by the family of Ceccati Stiano and their shop.
You get to Corneto the valley along the river Secchia, is the mountainous part of Castelnovo Ne 'Monti from the cities of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The entrance of the Study Centre, located in the renovated rooms in the beautiful bell tower by Antonio Ceccati, is facing the impressive panorama that sweeps from the ridge of Mount Cusna Mount Valestra, including the view of the Castle and Stone Bismantova Carpineti.
Within the Study Centre you can visit a photographic exhibition dedicated to the works of this artistic family in the town of Toano. The course held in the museum reflects the route you can take the country: starting from the room dedicated to the birthplace of Ceccati that card, genealogies and other documents introduced to the discovery of this artistic family, until it touches all villages are located where the other major works. It therefore has a complete view of the journey to be undertaken through the "Land of Ceccati". The importance of the implementation of this initiative is indeed to provide the territory with a valid support to learn and enhance artistic and cultural heritage of all, but known by few.
Released by the Studies, the first major stop on the itinerary to the discovery of Ceccati is the country of Corneto, where we find the oldest pieces, with parish church, which is attributed to the founder of the dynasty artistic Dominic and the bell tower by his son Antonio. Another obligatory stop is Stiano, where you can admire the interesting tower-house where the family resided Ceccati, also home of their workshop, and the stone frieze on the front door of the court Giannasi. Cavola In addition there are works of architecture Ceccati the Parish Church and Oratory of Our Lady of the Snows, in addition, where you can enjoy the magnificent wooden altar, the work of the most famous artist of this race, Francesco Domenico. A Manno you can admire the reliefs on the facade of the parish church and the ones on either side of the portal of the court Gherardini, also run by Francesco Domenico. Works of Ceccati and their school are also present at Mass, and Monzone Quara.
To increase knowledge of Ceccati, the Study Centre will be equipped with multimedia equipment that will explain in detail all their works, including those found outside the territories toanesi, which are numerous and of fundamental importance for a comprehensive study of the topic.

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