Lake Calamone


Ventasso Laghi - 42030 Ramiseto


Piazza Primo Maggio, 3, Loc. Cervarezza, 42032 Ventasso (RE)
0522/891911, 0522 891520

How to get there:

It's about 10 km from the administrative capital.
From the administrative capital you take the SP 102 up to the location Ventasso Laghi from there you follow on foot for ten minutes the forest road that rises up to the lake.

Tourist Area:

Tourist Area
Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Geographic Area:

Geographic Area

Analytical text:

Lake Ventasso was formed by an excavation which thousands of years ago the glaciers made in the area, today it's a significant humid area of the Reggiano Apennines. The water surface covers more than thirty thousand square meters with a depth that touches ten meters. There are three zones in the Calamone - Ventasso area which enclose the most interesting botanical features of the place: they are situated on the southern part - west of the lake, on the northern side of the mountain along the rocky ridge.
The first which encloses lacustrine vegetation is characterized by a progressive filling of the lake by sediment which in time created a marsh habitat where rare botanical species live. First place goes to an Orchid called Dactylorhiza Praetermissa, found in Italy, only on the edges of this lake.
Climbing the Ventasso side you cross clearings where, during the year, various picturesque high altitude plants flower among which you can find Gentian with its characteristic light blue flower. Primrose with small yellow flowers and the Crochio with its large purplish flower worn on a whitish stem.
The trees are also represented by examples of age-old beech trees of great dimensions. The mountain area characterized by this presence, climbs from 800 meters, where the oaks and chestnut woods finish, up to 1800 m where the last beech woods give way to the high altitude grasslands created by man.
The Beechwood also hosts other plants such as the White spruce, Linden, Maple, Yew and Holly.
The underbrush is very scarce due to the heavy covering and is formed by herbs such ferns and flowers such as Solomon's seal and knotty geranium.
Not far from Calamone lake there's one of the most important and delicate peat bogs of the park: the Verde lake.

Last update: June 13, 2022