Legend of the Fount


42034 Casina


P.zza IV Novembre, 3, 42034 Casina (RE)
0522 604711, 0522 609464


Rites and Beliefs: Legend of the Fount


Background information
Along the road that goes from Faggeto to Cucchio, just after you come down the hill, you find a spring with fresh drinkable water, where everyone who goes by there when it's hot stops to drink.
This place is described as an area where, at night, you hear different sounds, produced according to what they say by spirits, and you see people and animals when the clock strikes midnight. Some tell of having seen an ass that brayed, others a dog that wouldn't run away even when you threw rocks at it, still others a little girl on a swing hung on the branch of a chestnut tree there near the spring.
It's a legend that many mention when they pass near that place.

Last update: June 13, 2022