Matildic legends


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Rites and Beliefs (popular legends): Matildic legends

Historical Origins:

Historical origins
They're tied to the history and the figure of Matilde of Canossa


Background information
Numerous are the legends that oral tradition has passed down to our days; as many as those printed. All of them anyway gravitate around the great Countess and the events tied to her. A story from over the Alps has it that the sad and thoughtful lady after the death of her beloved son, lost her wedding ring on the banks of a lake in the Lorraine. After her silent invocation of the Virgin, the ring was given back to her by a trout who jumped out of the water.
Another legend tied to the death of the son has a toponym: Casumaro (Ferrara), called in fact Bitter Case. Various narrations associate miraculous events to the historic figure, others diminish the figure, but all of the tales revolve around Matildic power and the events of this singular "Power lady".

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