Mushrooms of the Reggiano Apennines


42039 Ligonchio

Typical production area:

Comunità Montana


Marco Raffaelli (woods mushrooms) via San Rocco, 57 location Laghi di Ligonchio Ph. 0522/899000
At numerous food stores and fruit and vegetable stands in the Reggiano Apennines you can buy fresh edible Boletus mushrooms.

Historical Origins:

Historical origins
Mushrooms have been know to man for ages: the first depiction of this product appears in a fresco which survived the Pompeii ruins; after all, that the ancient romans knew about mushrooms and that they appreciated them as delicacies, is attested even by the name of one of the most prestigious of them: Amanita Caesarea (i.e. dedicated to Caesar), or good ovule.


Piazza Primo Maggio, 3, Loc. Cervarezza, 42032 Ventasso (RE)
0522/891911, 0522 891520

Last update: December 12, 2023