Nature Route Lavacchiello Falls


42039 Ligonchio


Periods of Activity:

Alpine difficulties in presence of snow or ice.

The conduct:

The route begins at the eastern entrance to Ligonchio, at the "fountain of the Scodellino", near the hydroelectric plant.


Parco del Gigante, C.A.I.


Il percorso inizia all'ingresso est di Ligonchio, alla "fontana dello Scodellino", nei pressi della centrale idroelettrica.


Nature route N. 3 "Lavacchiello Falls" - C.A.I. path 635

Tourist Area:

Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Geographic Area:


Details of tour:

Detailed Itinerary
It follows an easy path up to Presa Bassa, whilst the part between Presa Alta and the waterfalls is reserved for expert hikers due to exposed and dangerous stretches. Difference in altitude 403 m; length 5 km; travel time about 2 1/2 hours.
There are numerous panoramic areas, real natural balconies facing the Ozola valley and the crags. Amongst the vegetation you can see a few spontaneous silver firs that have survived on the most impervious rocks. Climbing up the Ozola valley you end up seeing the Lavacchiello canal, which receiving its water from the Lama Cavalli ditch creates a nice series of waterfalls which are particularly charming when the snow melts. The fast water has worn away and modeled the rock, creating at its base a splendid pool a few meters in diameter.


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