Pro Loco Marola


Via Dante Alighieri 74 - 42033 Carpineti


How to get there:

Distance from Reggio Emilia 33 km.
The location is easily reached on the SS 63, taking the SP 31 at the exit of the "Seminario" gallery for those coming from Reggio Emilia, following the directions.
It's 7 km from Carpineti, you get there taking the SP 36 - 98 - 31
The office of the Pro Loco is found at the ex elementary school of Marola.

Weekday hours:

9:00/12:00 14:30/19:00 (from Monday to Friday)

Holiday hours:

9:00/12:00 14:30/19:00 (Saturday and Sunday)

Opening times:

The Pro Loco is open in the summer in July and August.


Organizes events
The Pro Loco;founded in 1951;beyond the environmental and tourist valorization;organizes during the summer a wide program of events that run from theater and musical evenings;to cultural sporting events.
events programmed:
- Chestnut festival in the month of October (for three consecutive Sundays);
- feast of S. Rocco;
- theater evening;
- ballroom dancing in the square;
- rock concert;
- karaoke;
- cholesterol day (1 august)

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Piazza Matilde di Canossa, 1, 42033 Carpineti (RE)
0522 615019 0522 615020 , 0522 718014

Last update: December 12, 2023