S. Maria Maddalena and the cure for backaches


42032 Busana


Piazza Primo Maggio, 3, Loc. Cervarezza, 42032 Ventasso (RE)
0522/891911, 0522 891520


Popular legend:


Background information
It's narrated that Maria Maddalena went to Ventasso to do penitence and to recite her prayers at a rock (located near a path that leads to the present refuge) lying down on the ground under this. The conformation of the rock recalls in fact, in the lower concave part of it the profile of a back, and in the upper part you note an indentation similar to a holy water basin. In this the passer-by deposited water and considered himself blessed. In bygone times the faithful of the towns of Busana, Collagna and Ramiseto used to walk barefoot to this place to make the sign of the cross with this water.
It's said that its useful for people with backaches or rheumatism, to position themselves under the rock so as to match their backs with the "print" left by the saint.

Last update: June 13, 2022