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Typical production area:

Alto Appennino Reggiano


Pascoli Alti di Montipò Marco and Co.
S.N.C. Dairy Products
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Historical Origins:

Historical origins:
The "Spracada" was produced in our mountain range mainly in winter due to the partial closing of the Dairies, due to the fact that the deliveries of the cows were more frequent in this period and therefore the characteristics of the fresh milk were not suitable for production of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Thus during this period of the year farmers transformed the milk which was produced into "Caciotte" made in artisan-like fashion at home and seasoned on wooden slats in the basements of the farms.


Typical techniques:
Only whole sheep milk, pasteurized at 72° c for 30 minutes is used. The inoculation of thermophile type lactic enzymes is done at the beginning of the filling process of the polyvalent. Reactivation of the enzymes depends on the season: from a minimum of 20 minutes in the summer to a maximum of 50 minutes in the winter. Coagulation temperature is fixed at 38,5°. Liquid veal rennet is used for coagulation with a minimum of 80% chimosym. Setting of the rennet usually takes place after 15 minutes, whileas the first cut of the curd is done after about 5 minutes. The curd is left to harden under serum thus allowing quick draining and hardening after which further cuts resume until a thick curd the size of a nut is obtained. Once emptied into the moulds it is stewed (45°) for at least an hour. Usually within 2 hours the ph of the cheese reaches 5,30, thereafter it is put in a cell with 10° to cool down so as to stop lactic acidification. The following day the ph is 5,20 and the cheese is salted for 4 hours and then put in a seasoning cell on wooden slats with controlled temperature and humidity.


Typical products:
Production of cheese, in particular "caciotta (type of soft cheese of central/northern Italy), made of "toilsome" cow milk", in dialect "Spracada".


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