Spallanzani Path - 6th stage from Ligonchio to C. Battisti Refuge


42039 Ligonchio


Periods of Activity:

The higher part of the path has difficult stretches in winter, with snow and ice. We advise it be done in summer, for the fresh climate and for the variety and intensity of colors in autumn and spring.

The conduct:

On foot


Ligonchio is 75 km from Reggio Emilia and can be reached taking the SS 63 to Busana, where you continue along the SP 18. Distance from Modena: 75 km and you get there taking the SS 486 of the pass of the Radici up to Cerredolo, where you continue in the direction Gatta - Minozzo - Ligonchio.
From the province of Lucca; you get there from the SP 32 Piazza al Serchio - Sillano - Pradarena Pass


The Spallanzani path, dedicated to the scientist Lazzaro Spallanzani, passes through all the vegetation strips of the Reggiano Apennines (hills, mountains and peaks), from Scandiano up to S. Pellegrino in Alpe, on the Reggiano ridge.
The path, besides being marked by white and red CAI signs also has a butterfly symbol and the initials SSP.
The path does not have particular technical difficulties, it can also be used by inexperienced excursionists and is quite suitable for horse trekking.
The path is 115 km long, is usually traveled in stages an, usually 7, for a total of 35 hours walking time.

Tourist Area:

Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Geographic Area:


Details of tour:

Itinerary in detail Time needed: About 4 hrs
Difference in altitude climbing: 800 m
Difference in altitude descending: 0 m From Ligonchio you follow the CAI 635 route across the hillside of the Ozola torrent. It's a trail overshadowed by chestnut and beech trees which is used by ENEL as a service path for numerous plants of the hydroelectric station. The route crosses the charming valley of the Ozola torrent winding through the hillside among steep sandstone outcrops. From this point onwards the Sentiero Spallanzani enters into the vegetation strip of the Upper Apennines. At Presa Alta (1230m) you take the small path which climbs decidedly on the right (marked by N. 639), which later becomes more visible and then opens onto N. 633.
Still climbing, after a little zigzagging in the woods you reach Romecchio Pass at 1686m altitude (3 hours). A beautiful view on the Apennine ridge unfolds on the Massif of Mt. Cusna and to the south on the Apuan Alps.
From the Romecchio Pass you still follow route 633 (now also GEA) which passes a little under the ridge, through a moor of blueberries (imposing beech trees). At the Bargetana Shelter you encounter a forest road which comes from the bottom of the valley and leads to the Lama Lite Pass (1769m), from where another carriage-way in a short time leads to the Battisti Shelter (1761m; 4 hours).


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