The "Beautiful Venus" of Gombio


42034 Casina


Rites and Beliefs: The "Beautiful Venus" of Gombio


Tokens of the past
Not far from Gombio there's a small location called Montevenere. The same name of the mountain calls to mind a time when men lived in a fantastic way, rich in legends, sometimes terrifying and frightening.
According to what has been passed down by our fore-fathers, on this mountain rose, superb and austere, an ancient castle with a small temple on the side dedicated to the "Beautiful Venus". One golden statue, gigantic in its size, was the decoration for this sacred place. At its feet the faithful ancient inhabitants of our land kneeled. One day an emperor invaded our mountains, and consequently also Montevenere. While the battle raged, the farmers of that town, finding it impossible to take away the great statue, put it in a well for safe-keeping. The castle and the temple were destroyed in the battle, but no-one ever saw the statue again.
But some old people still tell the story, when with the evening, the goddess comes out of her tomb of stones and walks through the woods punishing the evil and blessing the good...


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