The Castellacio and the "yellow snakes"


42030 Ramiseto


Legends: The Castellaccio and the "yellow snakes"

Historical Origins:

Legend tells the story of a castle on the slopes of Mt Castellaccio in the town of Ramiseto.


Background information
On a small mount which rises over my town, there was a castle which is now in ruins; for this reason the small mount is called "Castellaccio" (castle in bad condition)
There are many legends surrounding this castle. It is said that the castle had been bought by Barbarossa and that he himself destroyed it. Before destroying it though, he lived in it, living an extravagant life. He often had splendid balls and to the girls who didn't want to stay with him while they danced he would make them fall into a basement through tricks done on the hall floor.
After Barbarossa destroyed it to go live i the castle of Nigone, it is said that every night, towards midnight, winged snakes called "rooster snakes" would detach themselves from the ruins of the destroyed castle, because they had a transparent crest on their heads which held a precious gem, which in the dark of the night would shine, therefore when they would detach themselves they would leave a shiny trail. This gem that they carried on their heads was worth a lot and the snakes were sought by everyone. They would detach themselves from the castle and they would go rest on the Spiaggi or on Mt Ferrarino, provoking fear in those who saw them.
It is said that one of them was caught on the Sparavalle. It is a legend but the elders say it is absolutely true...


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