The Count of Culagna


42037 Collagna


Piazza Primo Maggio, 3, Loc. Cervarezza, 42032 Ventasso (RE)
0522/891911, 0522 891520


Rites and popular legends: The Count of Culagna


Background information
Wher the Collagna church stands today there once was the castel of the Count of Culagna. He He had two daughters: one was named Nera, the other Bona. To the first he gave as a dowry the side of Ventasso which took on the name Vallisnera, to the other the side which took the name of Valbona. Even Tassoni who described him in "La Secchia rapita" presents him as a man of few scruples. He states that once, wanting to poison his own wife, he reached an agreement with the chemist. The latter, instead of giving her poison, gave her a strong purgative. It was common in those times that the head of the house would put pepper in the dishes of each table companion.
The astute Count, having reached his beloved consort, put "the poison" in her plate of soup which he'd recieved from the chemist.His wife, who'd been warned of her husband's intentions, echanged his plate while he was washing his hands. As soon as the Count finished eating he started to have strong abdominal pains, worried he asked his wife how she was feeling. He asked her repeatedly and she replied: "I'm fine". The Count then began to realized in no uncertain terms that he had swallowed the poison instead of his wife. Mad with fear, and with the pains getting worse, he went onto the street and screamed: "Help, I've been poisoned, I'm dying!!!?" The townspeople and the soldiers surrounded him thinking he was crazy, but as soon as they sensed the truth, they left him in the middle of the street.

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