The Oratory of S. Salvatore


42031 Baiso


Piazza della Repubblica, 1, 42031 Baiso (RE)
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Beliefs and popular legends: Oratory of S. Salvatore


Background information
The oratory of S. Salvatore della Costa of S. Cassiano of Baiso, which is now part canteen and part woodshed, first was a church where our ancestors also went to Mass. In those far off times people from other towns brought their dead to be buried in S. Salvatore. Digging around its walls still today you can find many bones that clearly indicate the old destination in the cemetery.
Among the population of the town arose a legend of that place, inside that oratory, or in the vicinity, tow golden bells and precious objects were buried. They say that this treasure was buried by the Emperor Federico Barbarossa in one of his trips to Italy at the time of the Communes, followed down there by his enemies. Near this treasure, word was that Barbarossa had even buried his armor and his large sword. Someone, in the past, tried to find the treasure, tried digging, but it was useless and found only bones. Now in the population of Costalta they say that in the oratory and in the nearby area, at night, they see and hear spirits. At night those who are afraid do not pass willingly by S. Salvatore because of the spirits; I, however, who live there, know that the spirits can't hear or see and that you can pass there at any time of the day or the night.
(E. Lusoli, 1993)

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