The piece of gold and the golden rock


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Rites and popular legends: The piece of gold and the golden rock


Background information
In every town, especially if small, comments on one thing or another are famous.
So it happened in the town of Gottano, during the winter, when the farmer wasn't busy doing country work and spent almost the entire day chit-chatting in a stall or around the fireplace. The topic of major importance is the legend of the gold piece and the golden rock of the Gottano bell tower. A legend narrates that Matilde de Canossa had a piece of gold and a golden rock put in the belfry. This legend has been handed down from father to son, and for the inhabitants of Gottano, it is always a topic of extreme interest. The numerous comments on the piece of gold and the golden rock have led many to believe that this legend is true. In fact, someone, enthralled by the idea of finding this treasure went to the parish priest begging him to demolish the bell tower, certain that the treasure would then be found. Will there come a day when the inhabitants of Gottano will be able to satisfy their curiosity?
Perhaps...maybe time will help them....!


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