The Pontaccio of Vetto


42020 Vetto

How to get there:

Place: Santo Stefano in the commune of Vetto between Rio Fagge and Vetto (on a branch of the Enza river which is almost always dry)
It's about 9 km away from the administrative centre.
Way:From the administrative centre you take the 513 SS towards Rosano where you find the crossroads for Pineto and Santo Stefano.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Mathildical zone

Analytical text:

From the gravelly shore of the Enza river, at about 1300 m from Caradello, the remains of the "Pontaccio" (rugged bridge) rise. It's an arch bridge with stone structure. Without specific studies, some people say that it dates back to the Roman period. The most widely accepted theory is that it dates back to the Mathildic period. It's certainly a product of antique origins, which offered means of communication between the two sides of the river. At the beginning of the 1800's it has already been called "broken bridge".


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