The rock of the Devil


42030 Viano


Via San Polo, 1, 42030 Viano (RE)
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Beliefs and popular legends: The rock of the Devil


Background information
This a legend which is talked about in my town. Once, at Sorriva, a small hamlet near Viano, there lived a priest. Near Sorriva in the middle of the woods, there was a huge rock called "the Devil's rock". People said that under this rock there was a treasure. One evening the priest started digging along with other inhabitants to find it. In fact, while they were digging, they found it. A best shaped like a cow came out of it, it had two horns similar to those of the devil. It breathed so heavily that it blew away the priest's stole so he wouldn't have time to make the sigh of the cross. Along with the priest's stole the treasure also disappeared. The beast then asked the priest a strange question: "Do you want to go above the thorns or under the thorns?" The priest replied: "I want to go above the thorns". Then, all of a sudden, he found himself far away in the middle of a large thorn bush now called "Casa Montoni". Scared, the poor priest fled that frightening place, he ran home and because of the fright he'd had, lost all his hair and not long after passed away".

Last update: June 13, 2022