The towers of the Amorotto


42030 Villa Minozzo


Piazza della Pace, 1, 42030 Villa Minozzo (RE)
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Legends: The legend of Amorotto

Historical Origins:

Historical Origins:
The tower of the Amorotto: the history
Duke Alfonso I who governed the Val Dolo was famous for his fights against banditry; In that period lived Domenicus de Bretis called Amorotto, ruled for many years our Apennines. He took possession of the castle of Carpineti, raiding in the Modena and Reggiano area. He was able to occupy the tower that rises on the left bank of the Dolo torrent, between Gazzano and Civago. Amorotto waged acts of vengeance and terrorized not only in our mountains but also in the hills. On 21 January 1521 Amorotto tried to take possession also of Minozzo, but he didn't succeed. It's believed that also Ludovico Ariosto had contacts with Amorotto, when he was governor of the Garfagnana from 1522 to 1525 in fact the tower of Civago was one of the obligatory route to come down from Garfagnana.
(D. Galverni ‘87)


Background information:
An ancient legend says that: passing by the tower of the Amorotto, on a night of the full moon, near midnight, you can see a floating black veil that belonged to the woman of the Amorotto. They say that she was locked in the highest room of the tower, and left there to starve, because she'd betrayed the bandit. Her spirit shouts revenge, for this, when there's a full moon, her veil appears to those who pass near the tower.
(Legends AA.VV ‘93)

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