Tower house "castle " in Pantano


Pantano - Marola - 42033 Carpineti

How to get there:

Distance from the administrative capital km 6. You get there taking the SP 36 in the direction of Pantano.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Matildic zone

Analytical text:

It's a rural complex with an articulated layout probably dating back to the XVI XVII centuries. The surface is made of stone with regular alternating angular recurrences. The central body is connected to a dovecot tower with double-weathered roof and broken linear border, there are squared fired brick windows which open on it. The dovecot border is made of brick with linear overlapping saw-edged design, at right angles. The small eave ceiling is defined in brick with saw-edged "T" shape designs. You can also see a 17th century sandstone window with cyma relief window sill. On the wide sloping façade of the adjacent building there are two bunged ogival windows: one is made of fired brick and the other of monolithic sandstone elements. Towards the eastern side there's a nice open gallery with four arched windows supported by mullions. the nearby S. Rocco oratory faces south. It has a sloping façade with architraved portal surmounted by a frescoed niche. The oratory has been visited since the end of the Second World War. "Castello" and the oratory remain as evidence of a convergence center of civil and religious activities.


Piazza Matilde di Canossa, 1, 42033 Carpineti (RE)
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Last update: December 12, 2023