Metati in Cerreto Alpi


Cerreto Alpi - 42037 Collagna


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How to get there:

Cerreto Alpi is 6 km from the administrative capital, you get there taking the SS 63 in the direction of the Cerreto Pass.
The route begins at Cerreto Alpi, the metati, which are no longer used, can be reached climbing up through the chestnut woods near the town.

Tourist Area:


Geographic Area:

Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano

Analytical text:

Within the extensive chestnut woods situated on the northern border of the arenaceous hill which surmounts the hamlet of Cerreto Alpi, you can see a few interesting "Metati" for chestnuts.
These structures were used to preserve and desiccate the chestnuts. among these there's a building attributable to the XVII century with portal with a carved cross in bas-relief and other symbols.
The building has a rectangular layout with slab cover.
Not far away there's a votive pilaster attributable to the XIX century, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.
Procedure for desiccating chestnuts in the "metati"
When the chestnuts are collected they are thrown into the top of the "Metato" (kind of an attic with chestnut wood rod floor).
On the ground floor of the "Metato" (a room without windows enclosed by course walls) and fire is lit and maintained without flames for 40 days and 40 nights. The wood used to keep the fire going must be exclusively chestnut. In the middle of the desiccation procedure the chestnuts have to be completely turned around to ensure complete homogeneity. after 40 days of continuous fire, "batdura" follows, this means peeling he chestnuts, that once used to be done by putting them in a burlap sack and striking them over wood trunks. The last operation consists in selecting the best dry chestnuts to bring to market while the others are milled in a water mill to produce a sweet flour of ancient flavor.


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