"Metato" of Marola - "La Casa del Pan d'Albero"


La Fredda - Marola - 42033 Carpineti


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Holiday hours:

Special openings from 15.30 to 17.30

Opening times:

All year round by reservation.

Tourist Area:

Matilda's Lands.

Geographic Area:

Apennine of Reggio Emilia

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Analytical text:

With the restoration of metato placed in chestnut Marola, at La Fredda, where chestnuts were dried to turn them into precious flour, Carpineti wanted to pay homage to this typical product, its history, its rituals, in order to enhance it, promote it and make it accessible. "The house of bread tree" is a journey of discovery of the chestnut, the value of natural and gastronomic traditions of the historical collection and processing.
It 'a trail on the civilization of the chestnut tree that guides children to elementary and middle schools to the discovery of metato, the little chestnut drier essential to the livelihood of mountain people up to half of the 900. The guided tour of the trail is divided into 4 sections:
- The civilization of the chestnut, which aims to stimulate reflection on societal changes in recent decades
- The season of chestnuts, which aims to illustrate the changes during the year, the chestnut and human activities related to collection of chestnuts
- The metato, which explains the operation of the dryer and the working cycle of the chestnuts after collection
- The chestnuts in the kitchen, which offers an overview on different ways to use chestnuts in the kitchen


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Last update: March 7, 2023